Pressure Seal Valves
  • Outside Screw and yoke construction
  • Flanged end or Buttwelding end
  • Valves provided with back seating arrangement
  • Solid, flexible, split wedge, double disc and parallel slide are available.
  • Extended bonnet provided for low temperature and cryogenic Services (cold box and non-cold box applications) to conform to requirement of BS 6364.
  • Specially designed die formed graphite packings, controlled clearances between stem, gland and bonnet bushing for guaranteed low emissions meet 100 ppm maximum fugitive emission levels.
  • Renewable, seal welded seat ring or integral seat ring (cast S.S. only) available.
  • Deep Stuffing box - with lantern ring optional
  • Self aligning two piece gland
  • Anti-friction ball thrust bearings in yoke sleeve for higher sizes and classes
  • Locking arrangement optional
  • Bi-directional shut off
  • Optional gear, electric or pneumatic actuator available.
  • Meets design requirement of ASME B16.34 / API600 / API603 / BS 1414 and testing requirement of API598 / BS 6755 ? API6D.
  • Gasket design ensures self sealing under pressure.
  • Flanged end dimensions conform to ASME B16.5 / API605 / BS 3293 / DIN
  • Ring joint facings available in higher classes.
  • Buttwelding end dimensions conform to ASME B16.25.
  • Face to Face and End to End dimensions conform to ASME B16.10 / BS 2080 / DIN
  • Regulating, guided and soft seated plugs are available for Globe valves.
  • Tilting disc design available for swing check valve.
PECO Valves is a top manufacturer,supplier and exporter of Pressure Seal valves.PECO Pressure Seal valves are designed for high pressure, high temperature applications like steam-generation, Industrial/Chemical Processing Plants and Thermal Power generating plants.PECO pressure seal valves are engineered and made with strict conformance to the highest international standards.Our pressure valves are designed for high reliability in high velocity applications.Our obsession to quality and prompt delivery schedule has made us a top exporter of pressure seal valves.
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